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Bonded Seals

Raj Trading Corporation is one of the leading Dealer, stockist, suppiler & Distributor of a comprehensive range of Bonded Seals in and around Chennai. The wide range of Bonded Seals which are supplied by the Raj trading corporation are listed below.

The Bonded Seal comprises a metal annulus, square or rectangular in section, to which an elastomeric ring of trapezoidal section is bonded. The bonded seal is a metal washer with a vulcanised rubber insert for use in high pressure applications where other means of sealing are unsuitable. Bonded seals are now available in self centralising form, which eliminates seal offset and makes for easier installation.

Bonded seals were initially designed to replace washers in high-pressure systems in the auto industry and more importantly the aerospace industry. The Bonded Seal consists of a metal washer and an vulcanized rubber ring which is then bonded inside the diameter. The metal washer prevents deformation from over-compression of the elastomeric ring.

Our Range of Products
NBR90 BLUE 1/8" BSP 15.88 11.84 2.00
NBR90 BLUE 1/4" BSP 20.57 15.21 2.00
NBR90 BLUE 3/8" BSP 23.80 18.75 2.00
NBR90 BLUE 1/2" BSP 28.58 23.01 2.50
NBR90 BLUE 5/8" BSP 31.75 24.97 2.50
NBR90 BLUE 3/4" BSP 34.93 28.53 2.50
NBR90 BLUE 7/8" BSP 38.10 32.29 2.50
NBR90 BLUE 1" BSP 42.80 36.88 3.25
NBR90 BLUE 1.1/4" BSP 52.38 45.93 3.25
NBR90 BLUE 1.1/2" BSP 58.60 51.39 3.25
NBR90 BLUE 2" BSP 73.03 63.63 3.25